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Whatever your security requirements, Serrurier Sirois gives you advice tailored specifically to your needs. We can demonstrate the best products from all the leading brands applicable for commercial, residential and industrial uses.

We also offer installation and repair services, door and lock maintenance and an automobile roadside service that includes making keys, changing locks, and unlocking vehicles.

Here is a short list of the security services we provide. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information: 514.523.3687


New more efficient and safer door locks are now available to improve the security of your home or business. Whether it's a standard lock or digital code, our specialists will suggest the best buy and advise you regarding the most appropriate product.

Master key system

Developed by companies like Mul-T-Lock, a cutting-edge master key system lets you control the number of keys issued for your locks. We also offer computerized and wireless lock systems that simplify the management of master keys while ensuring maximum safety. Learn more from our experts: 514.523.3687

Alarm system

We offer centrally controlled alarm systems for intruder, fire and gas detection all of which give you the option of connecting surveillance cameras as well. We will be happy to point out the many benefits of residential and commercial alarm systems.

Camera system

A camera system is a very effective means of monitoring that may also be used for exit and/or entry validation for a building or designated area. It's a great way to reduce the risk of vandalism to a home or business. For an accurate assessment of your needs: 514.523.3687

Access control systems

Access control systems allow you to supervise entry to and exit from your business, industrial complex or home while determining the precise hours and days during which access is permitted. A magnetic card, unique digital code or other means of identification unlocks the door when the identity of the person is verified. We can also install an intercom system as an additional option or as a stand-alone unit. Learn more by calling us: 514.523.3687

Automatic door openers

When it comes to providing access for the disabled, we provide a choice of electro hydraulic and electromechanical automatic door openers to meet your exact needs. We will be pleased to explain all the available options. Call us: 514.523.3687


We offer several models of safes that use combination locks or digital code. Additionally, new highly resistant materials now provide the best protection ever for your valuables. Whatever brand you are looking for, our specialists will be happy to provide you with the information you need on all currently available models. Talk to our experts: 514.523.3687

Architectural security hardware

Fortify the openings to your building and significantly reduce the risk of intrusions and malicious damage to your property. Learn more: 514.523.3687

Security grills

Used wisely, grills are a highly effective way to deter thieves and prevent intrusions. Ask us about our full range of commercial security grills: 514.523.3687

High security padlocks

The best way to take on bad weather, defend against forceful attacks and protect your valuables is to use a high security padlock. We offer all major brands including Medeco and Mul-T-Lock products. We also offer the AMPLock padlock. Recommended by most insurance providers, the AMPLock padlock is highly effective for locking industrial, commercial and recreational trailers. Please contact us for more information: 514.523.3687